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Nepal Bank Limited
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Nepal Bank Limited
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Nepal Bank Limited

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Nepal Bank Limited
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Nepal Bank Limited, The first bank of Nepal was established in November 15, 1937 A.D (Kartik, 30, 1994). It was formed under the principle of Joint venture (Joint venture between govt. & general public). NBL's authorized capital was Rs. 10 million & issued capital Rs. 2.5 million of which paid-up capital was Rs. 842 thousand with 10 shareholders. The bank has been providing banking through its branch offices in the different geographical locations of the country.

Vision Statement:

"To remain the leading financial institution of the country."

Mission Statement:

Nepal Bank Limited seeks to provide an environment within which the bank can bring unique financial value and services to all customers. It will be a sound institution where depositors continue to have faith in the security of their funds and receive reasonable returns; borrowers are assured of appropriate credit facilities at reasonable prices; other service- seekers receive prompt and attentive service at reasonable cost; employees are paid adequate compensation with professional career growth opportunities and stockholders receive satisfactory return for their investment.

Values Statement:

At Nepal Bank Limited, we believe that our banking should be based on:

> Respect, service and safety for the customers we serve

> Respect, reward and opportunity for the people with whom we work

> Respect, cooperation and support for the economic community of Nepal


Nepal Bank Limited has the following objectives

> Continue to maintain leading share of banking sector with a significant presence in all major geographical areas in the country.

> Provide competitive and customer oriented banking services to all customers through competent and professional staff.

> Reclaim leadership within the national financial community.