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Tourism Development Bank
Financial Institution
Tourism Development Bank
Development Bank
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Tourism Development Bank

Tourism Development Bank Limited (TDBL) has been established for the delivery of comprehensive banking services to the esteemed customers by the collective efforts of entrepreneurs from tourism sector, hydropower experts, professors, professional bankers, pioneer of cooperative movement, doctors, engineers, advocates and other professionals with excellent track record and high social profile. Its prime concern is to contribute on socio-economic development of the Country through diversified range of banking products & services. The Bank believes on offering of quality service to the customers, generating maximum return to shareholders, providing competitive incentives to employees, ensuring compliance of prudential norms to regulators and serving community as well. We are fully committed to glorify our corporate slogan 'The Bank you can rely on'. Capital structure of the Bank is authorized Capital: NPR. 1280 Million Issued and paid up Capital: NPR. 640 Million, out of which 37.50% is allocated to general public.

> To provide appropriate, innovative and qualitative financial products and services to the public for the sustainable economic development of the country by accumulating scattered capital, maintaining and safeguarding the interest of all the stakeholders with the best usage of contemporary technologies.
> To support accelerating the development of emerging sectors of the economy focusing on tourism and infrastructure by providing required financial resources as well as technical and management counseling for establishing, developing, extending and raising the capacity of those productive areas so as to help and actively involve in poverty alleviation.
> To mobilize the resources and deploy them in the productive sectors within the economy so as to maintain financial stability, growth and maximization of shareholders' wealth by maintaining the highest standards in corporate and business ethics.

Core Values
Our core value is RESPECT
> Result Oriented – We desire to achieve the best results in everything we do.
> Excellence – We are committed to value our stakeholders and provide esteemed care with excellence.
> Synergetic – We create a congenial and synergetic working atmosphere where the team members deliver their best.
> Professionalism – We seek to deliver outstanding services with professional competency and expertise.
> Ethics – Our commitment is to maintain the highest ethical standard forever.
> Customer Focused – We focus on customer satisfaction by delivering services beyond their expectations.
> Transparency – Transparency, honesty and credibility are foundations of our business ethics. Further, we appreciate trustworthy affairs and will never compromise the trust we develop with our stakeholders.

To be a part of country's future by creating business and employment opportunities through banking activities in emerging sectors of the national economy.

To be recognized as an excellent development bank by offering innovative and comprehensive product range.