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The Insurance Board (IB) — the insurance sector regulator of the country — has initiated the process to grant operating licence to three non-life insurance companies....  [more...]
The pillion rider on a motorcycle can now claim compensation for injury under third-party insurance in case the two-wheeler meets with an accident. The Insurance Board (IB) de...  [more...]
Non-life insurance companies have settled 42.38 per cent of the claims related to the devastating earthquakes of April and May, which regulators say is ‘satisfactory’...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) will not be able to regulate insurance companies if provisions in the draft constitution are implemented as they are. Such a cutback in power of the c...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has moved to raise the paid-up capital requirement for insurance companies. The increase will help insurers to meet a huge amount of liabilities thereby ...  [more...]
Sagarmatha Insurance has received the highest insurance claims related to the earthquake. So far, the non-life insurer has received 2,234 claims worth Rs1.29 billion, according t...  [more...]
This week, non-life insurance companies made some improvements in settlement of claims related to the devastating earthquake of April 25, but their performance still cannot be co...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has directed non-life insurance companies that have not yet held their annual general meetings (AGM) not to distribute cash dividends to their shareholde...  [more...]
If you have just purchased fire or household insurance policies to cover earthquake-related damages, go through the terms and conditions properly. The policy might include a clau...  [more...]
Non-life insurance companies will have to exhaust their reserves and may even have to spend a portion of paid-up capital, as the process of settling claims related to devastating...  [more...]
Insurance companies have received 6,000 earthquake-related claims as of Friday and the figure is expected to grow, the Insurance Board (IB) said on Friday. Most of the claims for...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) is forming a monitoring team to look into whether the insurance companies in the country would be settling the claims related to life insurance, accident...  [more...]
The Insurance board has said some non-life insurers do not compensate damages fully in the case of motor accidents. It said there is a tendency among insurers of closing the f...  [more...]
The Insurance Board of Nepal has made it mandatory for non-life insurers to provide agriculture insurance services, assigning them certain districts to carrry out the business. ...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has made it mandatory for all non-life insurers to launch campaigns in various districts to promote sales of insurance products related to crop, livestoc...  [more...]
Shareholders of insurance companies will have to take the Insurance Board’s (IB) approval to sell or buy more than 1 percent stake. Officials said the IB adopted such an...  [more...]
RUDRA PANGENI Beema Samiti has decided to give a new lease of life to NB Insurance Co Ltd after a new group of promoters came at the helm of the troubled non-life insurance comp...  [more...]
Nepal has got its first reinsurance company, which is expected to help curb massive fund outflows for reinsurance purposes. The company, which has a paid-up capital of Rs 2.1 ...  [more...]
SAGAR GHIMIRE Beema Samiti (BS) -- the insurance sector regulator -- has raised the ceiling for insurance companies to invest in stock market and other productive sectors. Th...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has formally allowed insurance companies to invest up to five percent of their total investment in the productive sector or shares of public limited comp...  [more...]
Insurance companies from now onwards cannot distribute more than 20 per cent of the profit as cash dividend. The Insurance Board (IB), the insurance sector regulator, put a ca...  [more...]
Plans to bar them from extending dividends to shareholders this fiscal as well The Insurance Board (IB) seems to be doing very little against companies that have failed to mee...  [more...]
Insurance companies can now sell their micro-insurance policies through agents and local organizations enabling them to reach a wider customer base, according to a Micro-Insuranc...  [more...]
New directive aims to raise access of marginalised and low-income groups to both life and non-life insurance products People can now purchase insurance policies by paying an...  [more...]
RUDRA PANGENI The Insurance Board (IB) on Thursday endorsed Micro-Insurance Directive 2014 aiming to meet the insurance needs of low income people and backward communities. T...  [more...]
The Ministry of Finance has started an investigation into possible irregularities at the Insurance Board (IB). A minister-level decision on July 20 formed a probe committee un...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has decided to permit micro-insurance under which insurance companies will be able to offer coverage of less than Rs 25,000. The IB plans to issue a direc...  [more...]
Nepal’s insurance sector will see an addition to the existing number of insurance companies with the state-run insurer readying to register a separate company for its non-lif...  [more...]
The government has finally decided to split life and non-life business of Rastriya Beema Sansthan (RBS) - the state-owned insurer. The meeting of Bills Committee of the Cabinet le...  [more...]
After seven months’ hiatus, share trading of the troubled Everest Insurance Company (EIC) resumed at the stock exchange from today. The company’s 1,000 units of shares...  [more...]
Longstanding plans to convert the Insurance Pool into a reinsurance company has inched forward with the completion of a due diligence audit (DDA) to find out its actual financial s...  [more...]
A planned break-up of state-owned insurance company Rastriya Beema Sansthan (RBS) into life and non-life insurance companies has been thrown into uncertainty after the previous adm...  [more...]
The advisory team and management team of Insurance Board (IB) formally exited the Everest Insurance Company (EIC) on Monday after handing over the charge to the newly elected board...  [more...]
Everest Insurance, whose top officials and promoters are facing charges of embezzlement and fraud, is once again under the control of people close to Rajendra Khetan, one of the la...  [more...]
Everest Insurance, which was taken over by the Insurance Board (IB) for stopping work for months, is getting a new board on Thursday. The IB said it would be handing over the compa...  [more...]
The fate of the merger between Neco Insurance and Premier Insurance is hanging in the balance as shareholders of Neco Insurance refused to approve the union. During Neco Insurance...  [more...]
The insurance regulator is readying to exit from Everest Insurance Company.The team delegated by the Insurance Board (IB) will hold a special general meeting of the company on Febr...  [more...]
The insurance regulator has slashed the commission of non-life insurance agents by one-third of the existing rate.Non-life insurance agents will be paid a maximum of five per cent ...  [more...]
Insurance Board (IB), the regulator of the insurance companies, is gearing up to issue new directives to non-life insurance companies to ensure that their agents and staff do not o...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has halted the entire transaction of NB Insurance, which has long been facing financial troubles. The board took the step on Sunday after the non-life ins...  [more...]
Nepal Police’s Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) today arrested another top official of Everest Insurance Company on the charge of misappropriating company’s funds. T...  [more...]
The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police on Thursday held Kewal Krishna Shrestha, the suspended chief executive officer of Everest Insurance on charge of misappropria...  [more...]
Nepal’s very first reinsurance company is readying to be operational before the end of the fiscal year.The process of transforming Insurance Pool Nepal to a reinsurance compa...  [more...]
Two non-life insurance companies, Neco Insurance and Premier Insurance, have agreed to merge . They signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Friday to combine, according to of...  [more...]
Everest Insurance has resumed operations after a break of several months since it was taken over by the Insurance Board (IB). According to the IB team looking after the management ...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has requested Nepal Rastra Bank to freeze all bank accounts of NB Insurance after the non-life insurer failed to get its act together despite repeated call...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) will probe into the alleged irregularities at the Rastriya Beema Sansthan (RBS), including ‘illegal’ benefits extended to the employees that ha...  [more...]
The insurance sector regulator has rejected the appointment of a chief executive of an insurance company citing the person failed to meet eligibility criterion. This is the first t...  [more...]
Troubled Everest Insurance Company (EIC) had more than 3200 outstanding claims waiting to be settled‚ prompting the regulator to intervene in its management. “Our insp...  [more...]
The Patan Appellate Court has stayed the insurance regulator’s dismissal of Everest Insurance Company (EIC)’s CEO and the suspension of the executive board, till Sunday...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has decided to take over the management of the Everest Insurance Company by dissolving its board and suspending its chief executive officer.  It is th...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) on Monday decided to send a team of officials to Everest Insurance Company (EIC) to settle more than 2,300 claims that have been pending since long. Accor...  [more...]
More than 2,300 insurance claims have been pending at Everest Insurance Company (EIC) which has remained closed for more than two and half months due to protest of its employees. ...  [more...]
The insurance regulator — Insurance Board — has asked troubled NB Insurance to get its Due Diligence Audit (DDA) conducted to get the details regarding the financial st...  [more...]
Almost 90 per cent of the total population in the country is living without an insurance policy despite the existence of insurance companies for almost half a century. The total...  [more...]
Insurance Board (IB) has fined Rs 10,000 to Chief Executive Officer of Prime Life Insurance Resta Jha for flouting its directive to limit the management expense to six percent of i...  [more...]
As the threat of damage to properties declined sharply following the end of the Maoist insurgency, the Insurance Pool and local insurance companies have decided to increase their s...  [more...]
The NLG Insurance Company topped the list of policy issuance, while the Shikar Insurance collected the most premiums in the last fiscal year 2012-13. According to the Insurance Bo...  [more...]
Financial institutions might have to pay less for deposit guarantee premium soon.“We have been informed that the central bank and other authorities are mulling over reducing ...  [more...]
The insurance regulator — Insurance Board (IB) — has asked non-life insurance companies to issue policies only after getting a detailed risk assessment. Issuing a circ...  [more...]
The government has initiated the process to establish a reinsurance company in the country in a bid to retain at least a fraction of the amount that is going out of the country in ...  [more...]
Here is good news for insurance policyholders. They are likely to get handsome amount as bonus as insurance companies operating in the country have reported hefty rise in profits. ...  [more...]
Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) on Sunday launched ‘Jeevan Saral’, a flexible life insurance scheme. The new offer enables the policy holders to bear up with a high ri...  [more...]
The Ministry of Finance has initiated the process of splitting the non-life insurance business of the state-run Rastriya Beema Sansthan.The insurance company had recently forwarded...  [more...]
Nepal Life Insurance Company (NLIC) has been awarded the prestigious ´Best Managed Life Insurance Company-2013´. The award was provided to the company amid the ´...  [more...]
Insurance policies will now be accessible and affordable to the poor as the regulator will make issuance of microinsurance schemes mandatory for insurance companies. Once the micr...  [more...]
Life insurance companies from now on can spend more under management expenses heading based on the years of operation. Issuing a directive, Insurance Board (IB) has allowed compani...  [more...]
The insurance regulator — Insurance Board (IB) — will once again seek an explanation from Everest Insurance Company (EIC) because the company has failed to resume its b...  [more...]
Life insurance companies will now have to pay a little less for reinsurance following the regulator’s latest move to increase retention ceiling. Issuing a circular, Insuranc...  [more...]
The government has approved a proposal to provide 50 percent subsidy on premiums for animal and crop insurance. The subsidy on insurance premiums is expected to encourage more farm...  [more...]
Rastriya Beema Sansthan (RBS) is preparing to separate its business es into life and non-life after resisting the Insurance Board’s (IB) attempt to bring it under the Insuran...  [more...]
Everest Insurance Company will now have to answer to the insurance regulator — Insurance Board (IB) — for shutting down its business for the last two weeks. The board,...  [more...]
Although the Insurance Board (IB) has planned to increase the minimum paid-up capital requirement for insurance companies by the end of the first quarter of 2013-14, a majority of ...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has made it mandatory for insurance companies to bundle earthquake and fire insurance policies into a single package. Until now, there was no separate lega...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB), the insurance sector regulator, has made amendments to youth self-employment insurance policy, widening coverage for businesses operated by individuals wh...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) on Wednesday sacked its executive director Binod Aryal after finding him ‘disqualified’ for the position and for violating norms. The IB said ...  [more...]
Executive director of the Insurance Board (IB) Binod Aryal has filed a case against it at the Supreme Court for making preparations to sack him. The IB had asked for clarification...  [more...]
The farm sector does not seem to be very attractive to insurance companies with only seven out of the 17 companies in the country entering the field. And this too after the Insuran...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has sought clarification from its Executive Director Binod Aryal for the second time in 10 days on why he should not be sacked from the board as he is faci...  [more...]
Binod Aryal, the embattled executive director of the Insurance Board, who is facing charges of fraud and policy corruption, is now suspected of submitting doctored resumes while fi...  [more...]
Nepal Life Insurance’s board meeting has appointed Ramesh Gupta as chairman of the board of directors. Gupta was serving as a promoter in the life insurance company for the p...  [more...]
The Insurance Board has sought clarification from its executive director, Binod Aryal, on why the insurance sector regulator should not take action against him for his involvement ...  [more...]
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd (NIBL) — one of the leading domestic commercial banks — has purchased 290,000 units of shares of National Life Insurance Company (NLIC). The ...  [more...]
Binod Aryal, the executive director of the Insurance Board, who took the lead in cleansing the virtually unruly insurance sector, appears to have landed in soup over insurance poli...  [more...]
Neco Insurance and Premier Insurance have put their merger process on a fast track mode, setting a deadline of mid-July to complete consolidation of two non-life insurance companie...  [more...]
Non-life insurance companies have generated hefty profit by selling third-party insurance policies for two-wheelers, data compiled by the Insurance Board -- the insurance sector re...  [more...]
Insurance companies will be subjected to forceful merger if the Insurance Board (IB) deems it necessary. As per the provision in the ‘ Insurance Merger Directive’ intr...  [more...]
The Ministry of Finance is soon releasing Rs 20 million to subsidize insurance schemes on crops, livestock, poultry and fisheries.The amount is being released as per the announceme...  [more...]
The South Asian Insurance Regulators’ conference held in Dhaka concluded yesterday stressing the need to establish a South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) ...  [more...]
Investors have started being attracted towards insurance stocks due to the prospect of rights and bonus shares being issued by insurance companies in current fiscal. Insurance fir...  [more...]
The regulator might allow insurance companies to spend more on promotional activities if they opt for mergers. The Insurance Board (IB) — insurance sector regulator — ...  [more...]
Insurance Companies have asked the Insurance Board (IB) to review the cap imposed on their promotional expenses. The IB’s new regulation has discouraged the domestic insuran...  [more...]
The Insurance Board, the insurance sector regulator, has finalized a policy on fisheries insurance that will soon make it mandatory for all non-life insurance companies to provide ...  [more...]
The Insurance Board is soon making it mandatory for non-life insurance companies to introduce products on fisheries insurance - a measure expected to provide cushion to fish farmer...  [more...]
The Insurance Board is soon reducing premium rates on third-party insurance for private motorcycles and automobile to boost sales of these plans that come handy during fatal road...  [more...]
The 18th annual general meeting (AGM) of the board of directors of United Insurance has elected company’s director Ashish Sharma as the new chairman. Other elected board me...  [more...]
Neco Insurance and Premier Insurance have initiated merger talks as the deadline issued to insurers to raise paid-up capital by up to 150 percent looms. If the merger between two ...  [more...]
Asian Life Insurance has launched a new product ‘Asian Pension Jeevan Bima Yojana’. The product has targeted people from all walks of life including farmers, labourers,...  [more...]
Insurance companies from now on will have to keep a hawk-eye vigil on large insurance policy holders according to the new anti-money laundering directive issued by Insurance Board....  [more...]
The Insurance Board has introduced a directive that makes it mandatory for all non-life insurance companies to come up with insurance products on crops, livestock and poultry. The...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) is pushing for mergers between insurance companies as the deadline for the companies to meet the paid up capital requirement is less than six months. Merg...  [more...]
The agriculture and livestock insurance regulation, that the Insurance Board is planning to introduce, will support in encouraging financial institutions finance more agro projects...  [more...]
Country´s non-life insurance industry was in the red in the first quarter of the current fiscal year as huge underwriting loss erased gains made through hike in net premium i...  [more...]
Non-life insurance companies have failed to comply with the Insurance Board´s instruction to halve the number of unsettled claims by November. The unaudited balance sheets o...  [more...]
The Insurance Board will soon make it mandatory for insurance companies to maintain a solvency margin stipulated by the regulator to ensure the country´s insurers have enough...  [more...]
The Insurance Board, the insurance sector, is allowing insurance companies to invest in mutual funds widening the investment avenue for both life and non-life insurers. Announceme...  [more...]
The Insurance Board´s plan to raise insurance coverage for every passenger travelling on public vehicle to Rs 500,000 has hit a roadblock as transport entrepreneurs have voic...  [more...]
NLG Insurance has become the latest insurer to face the wrath of the Insurance Board for failing to play by the rules set by the insurance sector regulator. The Insurance Board on...  [more...]
The claim amount demanded by aviation companies to cover losses inflicted by aircraft accidents rose by 47 percent last fiscal year, making the case for insurance companies bent ov...  [more...]
The private vehicle insurance business is the most profitable among a range of businesses conducted by insurers via the motor-vehicle portfolio, shows a latest survey carried out b...  [more...]
Insurance Board (IB) has banned state-owned Rastriya Beema Sansthan (RBS) from issuing engineering insurance policies after finding irregularities in the sector. RBS has become th...  [more...]
The Insurance Board has lifted ban on entire business operation of NB Insurance on condition that the non-life insurer recoup around Rs 30 million it had misappropriated within the...  [more...]
Rastriya Beema Sansthan, the state-controlled insurer, has forwarded its audited balance sheets of fiscal years 2003/04, 2004/05 and 2005/06 to the Insurance Board, after the latte...  [more...]
Rastriya Beema Sansthan´s plan to distribute dividend to its shareholders has landed in controversy, as the Insurance Board is mulling over putting a restriction on the distr...  [more...]
Premium income of life insurance companies went up by 26.8 percent in the last fiscal year, as rural markets continued to generate new business for life insurers. A total of nine ...  [more...]
Industrialist Rajendra Khetan has resigned from the post of chairman at Everest Insurance, paving way for reconciliation between the non-life insurer and the insurance sector regul...  [more...]
Everest Insurance Company on Sunday furnished a clarification to the Insurance Board (IB) on the former’s decision to stop issuing new policies. However, the clarification fa...  [more...]
The Insurance Board is all set to take another round of action against Everest Insurance for intentionally halting business operations without informing the regulator and holding c...  [more...]
The Insurance Board, the insurance sector regulator, has sought clarification from Everest Insurance on whether it has stopped issuing new policies as reported by the media. The l...  [more...]
Insurance Board (IB) and insurers are at odds over Corporate Governance Regulation 2012 aimed at depriving board directors from doing business with their own company and controllin...  [more...]
Everest Insurance has put itself on a collision course with the insurance sector regulator citing it has started considering various options, including shutting down the business f...  [more...]
It looks like NB Insurance, whose operation was suspended more than a month ago by the insurance sector regulator for embezzling millions of rupees, will remain closed for some mor...  [more...]
The Insurance Board, which has lately stepped up action against insurers violating norms set for the sector, has set its sights on the state-owned Rastriya Beema Sansthan. The ins...  [more...]
The Insurance Pool, which is being converted into a reinsurance company, will also have the involvement of life-insurance companies as shareholders after the transformation. The e...  [more...]
Insurance regulator has forbidden anyone to hold the position of a director in more than one insurance company, along with capping the remuneration of the chief executives of insur...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has been mulling introducing agro insurance in a bid to cover agricultural businesses and farming to help commercialise agriculture. According to senior IB...  [more...]
Insurance agents and insurers are trying to get the regulator to revoke the cap on incentives, but the insurance regulator is unlikely to oblige. “We are holding discussions...  [more...]
The micro-insurance programme will also launch micro life insurance schemes for low income population. “The micro-insurance regulation will also direct life insurance compan...  [more...]
The insurance regulator, in last one year, has revved up penalising transgressing insurance companies and the personnel involved. In less than one year, the Insurance Board (IB) ha...  [more...]
The Insurance Board has suspended the operations of NB Insurance Company after finding that it embezzled millions in premium amounts collected from the public, and because of suspi...  [more...]
Nepal Life Insurance earned a premium income of Rs 3.2 billion in the last fiscal year. Of the amount, Rs 1.23 billion was generated through sales of new life insurance policies, s...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) is all set to prohibit directors and promoters with larger stakes in insurance companies from getting insurance coverage from their own companies for their...  [more...]
The Insurance Board, the insurance sector regulator, has put a cap on insurance companies´ expenditure on certain sectors to control their extravagant habit and end unhealthy...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has instructed non-life insurance companies to speed up their claims settlement and slash the volume of unsettled claims by at least half within three mont...  [more...]
The poor populace will soon have better access to affordable insurance policies as the insurance regulatory authority has prepared the groundwork for micro-insurance schemes meant ...  [more...]
Premium income of life insurance companies rose 23.74 percent over the first nine months of the current fiscal year, as sales and renewal of insurance policies went up. A total of...  [more...]
A hike in premium income, mainly through sales of motor insurance policies, pushed net profit of non-life insurance companies up by 36.41 percent in the first nine months of the cu...  [more...]
The Insurance Board has instructed all non-life insurance companies to reduce the number of unsettled claims by half within the next six months after a deluge of compensation-claim...  [more...]
Non-life insurance companies - that insure cars to cargos - owe at least Rs 2.57 billion in unsettled claim amount to over 19,000 clients, which is more than 50 percent of the prem...  [more...]
The Insurance Board is mulling over directing insurance companies to introduce motor insurance policies with zero depreciation coverage. If such a product is launched people who h...  [more...]
The Insurance Board is mulling over raising accident coverage insurance for every person traveling on both public and private vehicles to Rs 500,000 from current Rs 100,000. The i...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) has prepared the draft of a directive on corporate governance of insurance companies that bars insurance companies from conducting business with firms affi...  [more...]
NB Insurance Company has been found embezzling over Rs 58 million belonging to its clients, in another instance of unethical behavior by a firm that was granted operating license b...  [more...]
After re-insurance companies abroad refused to provide coverage to micro-insurance policies, the Insurance Board (IB) is preparing to establish a micro-insurance pool which will ca...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) is launching much-awaited microinsurance program next week that will pave way for low-income groups to purchase cheap insurance products that provide cover...  [more...]
The Insurance Board (IB) -- the insurance sector regulator -- has lifted a ban on business transaction of Asian Life Insurance after it recouped all the money it had distributed as...  [more...]
Nepali insurance companies, in the last seven months, have sold policies worth Rs 594.1 million to Nepalis joining foreign jobs. Migrant workers have to buy an insurance cover for ...  [more...]
The Insurance Board - the insurance business regulator -- has suspended the motor business transaction of Lumbini General Insurance and slapped a fine of Rs 10,000 after it was fou...  [more...]
As per the regulator’s directives, Asian Life Insurance Company has recovered the amount it had distributed as cash dividends to its shareholders. Insurance Board had grante...  [more...]
The insurance regulator is introducing a regulation to bring down the expenses of insurance companies which are making policies expensive for the people. Insurance Board is prepar...  [more...]
Gurans Life Insurance opened its second regional office in Butwal on Sunday which was inaugurated by Insurance Board’s chairman Prof Dr Fatta Bahadur KC. Managing director of...  [more...]
Insurance companies from now on will have to submit squeaky-clean balance sheets for approval at the Insurance Board, as the insurance sector regulator tightens its grip on financi...  [more...]
The insurance regulatory authority is giving finishing touches to the much anticipated micro-insurance programmes meant for the rural populace. “The micro-insurance programm...  [more...]
Life Insurance Corporation-Nepal (LIC-Nepal) has launched a new child life insurance policy — Child Endowment Plan — for children below the age of 10 years. “The...  [more...]
The insurance regulator has granted Asian Life Insurance a fortnight to recover the outstanding dividends from its shareholders. “The company has been given an extension of 1...  [more...]
National Life Insurance has defended Momento Universal, one of its corporate agents found operating illegal pyramid scheme to sell insurance policies, and said the company has not ...  [more...]
Kathmandu: Asian Life Insurance, has recovered 95 per cent of the dividend that it had distributed, within the deadline set by the regulator. The company has fallen short of recov...  [more...]
Kathmandu: Momento Universal, a company located in Koteshwor, has been illegally operating pyramid scheme to sell life insurance policies, promising a return of up to Rs 60,000 per...  [more...]
Kathmandu: Motorists will soon have to carry insurance policies of the vehicle while driving as the government prepares to clamp down on those who have been flouting mandatory vehi...  [more...]
Even though insurance industry continue to suffer from low awareness of general public and apathy of even the informed mass to safeguard their hard-earned property, country's non-l...  [more...]
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