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Those seeking home loan to build or purchase residential houses in the Kathmandu Valley will not get credit in excess of 50 percent of the fair market value of the property, says...  [more...]
Construction materials dearer by up to 20pc Prices of construction materials, namely cement, sand and iron rods, have gone up by up to 20 percent in the domestic market in the l...  [more...]
With the increase in construction of physical structures, especially after the devastating earthquake of 2015, flow of credit in the construction sector from financial institutio...  [more...]
Nepal Land and Housing Developer's Association is organising Property Expo 2017 in Kathmandu from April 7.The four day expo will include 120 stalls, which will provide a snap...  [more...]
"Residential home loans increase by Rs24 billion to Rs142.81 billion, while credit to other sub-sectors rise by Rs22 billion in 2015-16" Real estate lending by banks...  [more...]
The government is set to deny permits to build new houses on plots smaller than 2.8 annas while roads in residential areas have to be a minimum of six metre wide, according to ne...  [more...]
After facing huge loss of human settlements and lives owing to haphazard urbanisation on April 25 earthquake, the budget for the fiscal year 2015-16 has adopted various measures ...  [more...]
The Parliamentary Agriculture and Water Resources Committee has cleared the way for implementation of the amended Lands Act 2021 (1964) that had long been under serious debate. ...  [more...]
"Design based on soil tests and soil bearing capacity must for multi-storeyed structures" The government has relaxed some of the provisions related to the ban impose...  [more...]
The government has declared two out of the 40 apartment buildings in Kathmandu untenantable after completing a Rapid Post-Disaster Damage Assessment of all the inhabited high-ris...  [more...]
The government on Monday halted the construction of new buildings and plotting of land across the country until the fiscal year ends in mid-July. Issuing a circular, the Minis...  [more...]
With a new building code in the pipeline, officials involved in the preparations say houses will undergo stringent tests before and during construction. The new code that the ...  [more...]
> Blueprint approval mandatory in VDCs from next fiscal year > Errant builders to face action The government has restricted construction of new buildings taller than tw...  [more...]
Three storeys. That could be the limit for buildings to be constructed after the April 25 earthquake. Engineers and city planners have, since last week, been hashing out a new bu...  [more...]
An assessment of the government team has marked two high-rise apartments, 14 government offices outside and five inside Singha Durbar, and five hospitals in the Kathmandu valley ...  [more...]
The real estate sector has rebounded from a prolonged slump on increased demand for houses and apartments, property developers said. According to them, 7,274 stand-alone houses, ...  [more...]
The Arghakhanchi Cement Real Estate Expo concluded on Monday witnessing sales and bookings of 550 houses and apartments worth Rs3.25 billion, the organizer Nepal Land and Housing...  [more...]
The Arghakhanchi Cement Real Estate Expo kicked off on Thursday at Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall, following an inauguration by Constituent Assembly Chairman Subas Nembang. The e...  [more...]
Ghar Jagga Mela 2072 (Real Estate Expo 2015) is scheduled to start at Exhibition Hall, Bhrikuti Mandap on 17 April 2015 (4 Baisakh 2072). It will last for four days. The organise...  [more...]
The overall land and house registration revenue collection in the first quarter of this fiscal year increased by 35 per cent as compared to the fiscal year 2013-14. According to ...  [more...]
The real estate business is likely to continue its upward trend in the current fiscal year. In the first two months of the current fiscal year, the government’s revenue fro...  [more...]
"Real estate developers don’t feel the need for lavish festive offers to push sales" Unlike previous years, real estate developers have not introduced exciting...  [more...]
The government’s revenue from property transactions surged more than 50pc to hit record high of Rs 7.81 billion in 2013-14. Land Revenue Offices (LROs) had collected Rs 5.2...  [more...]
"Implementation of plans and programmes and timely spending of development budget will determine overall result" At a time when the real estate sector was pinning ho...  [more...]
The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) has formed a commission to investigate cases of scam in the housing sector and look into problems faced by those living in housing and apar...  [more...]
The ongoing NLHDA Real Estate Expo 2014 have attracted a large number of visitors at Bhrikutimandap in the Capital, with the organisers claiming more than 75,000 people visited on ...  [more...]
Slowly and steadily, the real estate sector has been moving towards stability. After sinking into a five-year recession, the industry is now gradually moving towards a growth path ...  [more...]
After a five-year slowdown, apartment projects in the Capital seem to have been regaining momentum, thanks to easy availability home loans. Out of 9,000 apartment units built so fa...  [more...]
NLHDA Real Estate Expo 2014 is scheduled to start at Exhibition Hall, Bhrikuti Mandap on May 8. It will last for four days. The organiser of the fair, the Nepal Land and Housing De...  [more...]
Kathmandu Metropolitan City is preparing to seal off the the Thapathali based Trade Tower operated by Kanchanjunga Housing over tax default. Kanchanjunga Housing has until Friday ...  [more...]
NLHDA Ghar Jagga Mela  2014 is scheduled to be held at Exhibition Hall, Bhrikuti Mandap from May 8-10,2014. The organizer of the fair, the Nepal Land and Housing Developers&...  [more...]
The loan exposure of commercial banks to real estate and housing is still a high level risk, said the latest Financial Stability Report of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB). Citing the stre...  [more...]
The government has started keeping records of its possessions, particularly land and buildings. Although it is yet to prepare an inventory of its properties at all the offices ac...  [more...]
Banks and financial institutions (BFIs) have been issuing less real estate loans and more home loans . According to Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), realty loans have shrunk by Rs 7.41 bil...  [more...]
Terhathum:Land prices in Basantapur have skyrocketed after the government began implementing its plan to develop this trade hub in eastern Nepal into a modern town. It has formula...  [more...]
Landowners will not need to wade through mounds of paper at the Land Revenue Office (LRO) to get the details of their properties and taxes due once the land records go online after...  [more...]
Apartment builders have been gearing down as they wait for the market to revive with unsold flats gathering dust and banks breathing down their necks. According to the Department o...  [more...]
The real estate sector posted a notable growth in transactions since the beginning of the current fiscal year, indicating a resurgence in the buyers’ confidence. After a four...  [more...]
Butwal:Lack of appropriate land to set up factories in Butwal has discouraged potential investors. Space is scarce inside the industrial estate, and land prices elsewhere in the ci...  [more...]
The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is getting tough against the house and land owners who do not pay taxes and has directed the ward authorities to warn those to make the tax payments...  [more...]
Revenue from land registration across the country increased by around 21 percent over the first five months of the current fiscal year compared to the figure of corresponding perio...  [more...]
The government’s plan to let non-resident Nepalis (NRN) and foreigners purchase apartments and houses in Nepal doesn’t look like happening in the near future due to a n...  [more...]
Real estate business has failed to pick up in Kathmandu Valley, as buyers are still waiting for property prices to go further down — albeit transactions have started increasi...  [more...]
Land and house registration rev enue collected in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2013-14 has exceeded the target. According to the Department of Land Reform and Management (D...  [more...]
The Ministry of Urban Development has started preparing a concept paper on housing cooperatives with an aim to build affordable housing units for lower-middle- and middle-income gr...  [more...]
The real estate sector had been experiencing a tough time since 2010 with the central bank's cap to limit aggressive loan exposure to 25 per cent of each bank's total investment po...  [more...]
The government’s collection of land registration fees jumped 21.16 percent during the first quarter in an indication of growing property transfers in the country. According ...  [more...]
Revenue mobilization from land and housing across the country increased by more than 31 percent during the month ending mid-October compared to same month last year, indicating tha...  [more...]
Housing and apartment projects with a price tag between Rs 5 million and Rs 10 million are in high demand in the Kathmandu valley, a study on the country’s housing market has...  [more...]
Housing developers have announced special offers on purchase of apartments, individual homes and spaces at commercial complexes in a bid to woo customers during the festive season....  [more...]
Revenue collection from land registration has exceeded the target by 27. 57 percent to Rs 5.35 billion in the last fiscal year in a clear reflection of recovery in the sector, acco...  [more...]
In a sign of gradual improvement in real estate, collection of revenue from the registration of land in major migration hubs outside the capital has jumped by 43 percent during the...  [more...]
Amid intense pressure from metropolis residents and local politicians from the major parties, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) on Tuesday backed from its previous decision to incr...  [more...]
Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the country’s only metropolis, plans to promote integrated land use for residential purposes. The KMC has decided to provide 75 percent concessi...  [more...]
The government has decided to give a 25-40 percent discount on the registration fee for property jointly registered in the names of the husband and wife after it is purchased. Thi...  [more...]
The real estate market, that remained moribund for the last three years, is gradually creeping back to life, but transactions are yet to reach the peak of 2008-09. In the last fisc...  [more...]
The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) is to adopt a lenient policy for investment on land under the realty sector. The monetary policy for this fiscal year is set to allow up to 25 percent o...  [more...]
Chitwan: The Inland Revenue Office, Bharatpur, collected Rs 6.73 billion in revenue in the last fiscal year which is 30.45 per cent more than previous fiscal year. The Office had ...  [more...]
With the timely allocation of the budget for 2013-14, real estate developers are optimistic about the new fiscal year ushering in growth for the sector, which has been stagnant sin...  [more...]
Land and housing prices, which are on a downtrend for the past four years, will not improve for at least another two years, a government study shows. The study, which was commissi...  [more...]
Land on either side of the East-West Highway will have to be re-registered according to the classification made by the Land Use Policy from the next fiscal year. The policy has div...  [more...]
In what might be called a sign of improvement in real estate business, revenue collection from land and housing transaction increased by 21 percent in Kathmandu Valley and 220 perc...  [more...]
The government proposes to make property owners holding more than a specified number of residential plots pay extra tax es. According to a preliminary draft of the National Land P...  [more...]
The recently constructed six lane road that connects Kathmandu and Bhaktapur has resulted in less traffic congestion and easy transport connection. That has helped real estate deve...  [more...]
With the realty sector at a standstill, real estate developers have discovered new means of business to cope with the adverse situation. While many developers are worrying about lo...  [more...]
The real estate business is showing sign of recovery in the main cities around the country, eclipsing Kathmandu Valley in the number of transactions, reveals a Nepal Rastra Bank ( ...  [more...]
Developers attracted to scenic city owing to its natural beauty, favourable climate and tranquil environment At a time when most parts of the country, including the capital, have ...  [more...]
The NLHDA announced the winner of the bumper prize in lucky draw at the NLHDA Kantipur Real Estate Expo 2013 expo (2-5 may 2013). The ticket number 10975 bagged the bumper prize ...  [more...]
The third edition of the NLHDA Kantipur Real-Estate Expo 2013 concluded on Sunday, recording a massive 120,000 footfalls. Organised by Nepal Land and Housing Developers’ Ass...  [more...]
Nepal Rastra Bank Deputy Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari said on Saturday the central bank is ready to facilitate real estate projects if they came under the category of sick industr...  [more...]
The third edition of the NLHDA Kantipur Real Estate Expo kicked off at Exhibition Hall in Bhrikuti Mandap on Thursday. Organised by the Nepal Land and Housing Developers’ Ass...  [more...]
The third edition of the NLHDA Kantipur Real Estate Expo 2013 kicks off at Bhrikutimandap in Kathmandu on Thursday. Organised by Nepal Land and Housing Developers’ Associati...  [more...]
The third edition of NLHDA Kantipur Real Estate Expo 2013 slated to be held from May 2-5 is expected to give a boost to the country’s overall real estate sector which has r...  [more...]
Most of the houses in urban Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts are too vulnerable to earthquake, according to the experts. “Most of houses or housings have not foll...  [more...]
The third edition of NLHDA Kantipur Real Estate Expo 2013 is scheduled to be held at Exhibition Hall, Bhrikuti Mandap from May 2-5. The organizer of the fair, the Nepal Land and H...  [more...]
Kantipur Publications on Thursday joined hands with Nepal Land and Housing Development Association (NLHDA) for the NLHDA-Kantipur Real Estate Expo. The four-day exhibition schedule...  [more...]
Pokhara: Following its repeated failure to meet house rent tax target, Inland Revenue Office (IRO), Pokhara has started enquiring tenants in the lake city about the rent they are p...  [more...]
AS the government plans to purchase house and apartment for VVIPs, VIPs and high-ranking government officials, 10 property developers have filed applications at the Ministry of Urb...  [more...]
Land transactions have contracted significantly in the last two years following the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) and government express ing serious concern about the high investment in ...  [more...]
There are some signs of improvement in the housing sector that had been on a downward spiral for the past three years. The entrepreneurs are considering the rising interest of cons...  [more...]
Beleaguered realty trader Sudheer Basnet, whose business ventures are facing crisis, has made public his revival plan. Holding a press conference here on Sunday, Basnet offered de...  [more...]
The government’s recent plan to purchase houses and apartments for senior civil servants — that could give a new lease of life to the cash strapped housing sector &mdas...  [more...]
Revenue collection from land and property registrations has gone up by 29.29 percent in the first six months of this fiscal year,  showing signs of revival of the real estate ...  [more...]
While real estate developers had pinned much hope on the government's plan to provide apartments and group housing projects to high-ranking officials and judges to boost the stagna...  [more...]
The Credit Information Bureau (CIB) blacklisted cash-strapped Oriental Builders and Developers on Monday, tightening the noose around Sudhir Basnet, the chairperson of Oriental Gro...  [more...]
Nepal Share Market and Finance (NSMF) has signed an agreement with Global IME Bank and Siddhartha Bank, which has allowed NSMF to sell Star Mall. The finance company will use the m...  [more...]
The government will be issuing a working guideline on leasing state-owned land as the provision of granting use rights has been scrapped. About three years ago, the administration...  [more...]
Realty market that enjoyed a rise in sales since the onset of festive season sustained the growth in the 5th month (mid-November to mid-December) of this fiscal year as well, as pu...  [more...]
After braving stagnancy for the past three years, the realty sector is viewing this year with optimism for revival. To cash in on the upward trend of realty, developers are now t...  [more...]
The suffocating housing sector might get a lease of fresh breath in a month as the government has identified some 88 units — 66 units of apartments and 22 units of houses &md...  [more...]
CG Developers, the real estate division of business conglomerate Chaudhary Group, announced on Thursday that it would start delivering homes to general customers at CG Hills, Hatig...  [more...]
The government has planned to form the land management department to implement the Land Use Policy 2012 formulated eight months back. Government introduced the policy in Baisakh. ...  [more...]
The land and house registration revenue collected in 2012 exceeded the set target, giving an optimistic outlook to the realty sector. The Department of Land Reform and Management...  [more...]
Stagnant real estate and political instability killing many construction related businesses with the construction industry crumbling under challenges and realty at a standstill, ev...  [more...]
The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is all set to resume its land pooling projects for managing the city in a better way. Launched about a decade ago, Manohara Land Pooling Project an...  [more...]
The government has started preparing a comprehensive National Land Policy to clarify the state’s policy on ownership, use and overall management of land. The proposed policy ...  [more...]
After failing to attract bidders for Putalisadak-based Star Mall, crisis-ridden Nepal Share Market and Finance (NSMF) has extended the bid deadline by seven days for the second tim...  [more...]
Beleaguered realty trader Sudhir Basnet has planned to sell his ambitious Vegas City housing project at Imadol, Lalitpur as creditors are beginning to close in on him. Speaking at...  [more...]
The slowdown in the real estate and housing sector has doubled the number of blacklisted firms and individuals in the last two years. Since the beginning of 2068 BS — mid-Ap...  [more...]
The exposure of commercial banks to the real sector has come down by a third in the last one and half years, while demand for home loans of up to Rs 10 million is gradually picking...  [more...]
House and land prices have declined by around 30 per cent as compared to last year, whereas transaction has dropped by almost half, according to a central bank survey. Some 43 per...  [more...]
Realty market, which regained some vibrancy after a gap of 30 months in the first quarter of 2012/13, cast rosy picture in the fourth month as well, as price cuts and special festi...  [more...]
In what could be an indication of improvement in the real estate sector, the government’s revenue collection from land/property registrations in the Kathmandu valley surged 8...  [more...]
The price cuts and other offers that land and housing developers announced in a bid to inject some life into the realty market-- which has remained sluggish for more than two years...  [more...]
The government’s plan to let foreigners to buy apartment s in Nepal might take some more time to materialise, with government agencies, especially the Home Ministry, showin...  [more...]
Chitwan: The real estate transaction which was in the decline for the past few years in Chitwan district has shown signs of improvement. This was seen after banks and financial ins...  [more...]
Experts have stressed on the need to seriously assess the sustainability and environmental impacts of high-rises by regulators before giving permission for construction. “Ap...  [more...]
A latest study of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), which estimates total consumption expenditure of the Kathmandu Valley standing at almost one-third of gross domestic product (GDP), has a...  [more...]
Collection of capital gains tax on realty transactions increased more than two-fold in the last fiscal year 2011-12 compared to the previous year 2010-11. According to the Departm...  [more...]
The realty sector is bouncing back slowly, with the collection of revenue from land and house registration across the country registering a growth in the fiscal year 2011-12. Alth...  [more...]
Suraj Thapa (name changed) of Kalimati sold three ropanis of land for Rs 15 million, but he paid taxes on only Rs 5 million. The Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI) launched ...  [more...]
On Monday, Himalayan Bank launched home loan scheme at fixed interest rate of 10.90 percent for at least three initial years, as against the rate of 12.75-16 percent that the bank ...  [more...]
The increase in individual incomes and the desire to own a home is leading to a slow but steady growth of clients of home loans. The facilities and services offered, though, have y...  [more...]
The portion of real estate loans in the financial institutions’ portfolio has remained almost static even though lending to it is half the limit than what has been prescribed...  [more...]
Revenue collection through realty transaction in the Kathmandu valley during the fiscal year 2011-12 increased by 16 per cent when compared to previous fiscal. The house and land ...  [more...]
After resisting price cut for almost a year, real estate dealers have finally lowered the prices bringing residential plots prices down by around 33 percent and also injected new l...  [more...]
Real estate stakeholders, who were hoping for a boost from the budget of 2012-13, have been left disappointed by partial budget.Realty might have to face a stagnant year again, bec...  [more...]
Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) governor Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada has suggested housing developers to opt for price correction to stimulate the market. “Developers need to focus on buil...  [more...]
In a bid to inject new life into the realty market that has remained stagnant for almost three years, housing developers have urged the government to unveil schemes that, among oth...  [more...]
The realty sector had finally commenced on the path of slow recovery, but the country's political instabili ty is reverting any progress made so far. Until a month ago, the housing...  [more...]
Real estate transactions have picked up, albeit in slow pace, in the recent months, leading to increase in land registration fee collection. According to the Finance Ministry, the...  [more...]
The Inland Revenue Department’s decision to widen the house rent tax net was taken in haste and is not ‘pragmatic’, according to the Finance Ministry. The depa...  [more...]
Finance Ministry suspected that the real estate companies have not been depositing the money they have been collecting by booking their products making the real estate loans more v...  [more...]
Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office (KMCO) has failed to collect house and land tax from hotels yet again. Though the office had recently sent letters to hoteliers instructing them...  [more...]
Civil Homes, since launching the scheme `Civil Sun Ma Sugandha Super Bumper Offer' on April 29, has sold 49 units of its property including bungalow and apartments at Zone I and II...  [more...]
Westar Properties –– the real estate company of Goyal Group –– after successfully completing the booking of tower 1 opened the booking for tower 2 situated ...  [more...]
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The private sector has been in a wait-and-watch mode with respect to investing in new projects, but it is not hesitating to pour money into cement factories. Almost all the leading...  [more...]
Civil Homes, since launching the scheme ‘Civil Sun Ma Sugandha Super Bumper Offer’ on Sunday, has sold 39 units of its property including bungalow and apartments at Zon...  [more...]
The government’s drive to widen the house rent tax net that is starting from Wednesday is expected to hit the millions of tenants in the valley in absence of weak regulatory ...  [more...]
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Against a backdrop of Nepal’s falling competitiveness in the manufacturing sector, the cement industry has been flourishing despite all sorts of problems. There has been a si...  [more...]
Everest Bank has launched a special housing scheme "Everest Swarnim Niwas Yojana", to commermorate Nepali New Year 2069. This scheme is target to those who want to buid o...  [more...]
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After a two-year transitional period of ups and downs, the real estate sector is finally stabilising and stakeholders expect the new year to bring good tidings and recovery. Those ...  [more...]
The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has begun cracking down on landlords who have been avoiding paying rental taxes or short-changing the taxman by presenting undervalued rental co...  [more...]
Green Hill City has opened booking for standalone homes at Rose Village phase II located in Balkot of Bhaktapur. The company is offering discount not only to customers who make fu...  [more...]
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Despite several attempts to bring down loan exposure of banks to the realty sector, the size of loan to the sector has continued to remain static over first seven months of the cur...  [more...]
Right to property will lead to prosperity, according to economists.“The difference between prosperity and poverty is property,” said economist Dr Chiranjivi Nepal durin...  [more...]
Lumanti, a non-government organisation, has started a rental housing project for low-income families.The project aims to ‘influence’ the government to come up with a po...  [more...]
Tanahun: Some 800 families at Khairenitar-9 in Tanahun district do not have land-ownership certificates, said Unplanned Land Problem Resolution and Action Committee. Families dwel...  [more...]
Representatives from private sector today suggested the government to introduce a provision of voluntary disclosure of property to formalise economy and effective implementation of...  [more...]
At a time when realty business is passing through a rough road, some developers have managed to pull buyers by launching attractive schemes. Civil Trade Tower developed by Civil G...  [more...]
Brihat Investments has concluded its sixth certified Real Estate Marketing Agents course. “In the next 10 years, demand for proper housing units will increase so this is the...  [more...]
The government has intensified its effort to figure out the feasibility of providing apartments and housing units to civil servants on soft loan. While announcing relief measures t...  [more...]
 Reserved The realty is expecting some boom with significant growth in interest of the buyers and investment in the sector. With Nepal Rastra Bank easing up and some relief pr...  [more...]
 After demonstrating the best of what they have to offer in the market at the three-day long `Annapurna Post Homes Real Estate Expo' from 10 to 12 February, participants claim...  [more...]
 Realty owners and developers have been selling off their assets at distress value under pressure from banks and financial institutions to repay their loans.   Vibor Prop...  [more...]
Kathmandu: Land and housing developers, who are facing difficulty to legally own large stretch of land due to cap imposed on land holding, can now formally hold up to 60 ropanis (7...  [more...]
Shortsightedness of banks and financial institutions fuelling over leverage for short term gain on land, coupled with government’s faulty policy on housing sector and land ma...  [more...]
Kathmandu:Central bank has finally relaxed the property base line for housing loan and extended time period for the banks and financial institutions to bring their exposure to the ...  [more...]
Kathmandu: The High-Level Financial Sector Coordination Committee (HLFSCC) on Thursday took a number of measures to rejuvenate the faltering realty and stock markets. The committee...  [more...]
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